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Hi! I'm Pierre. My background is in pure programming in various languages from C to higher level languages like Java. That's what I learned and that's what I am good at. After a decade of writing software for different companies I figured out that I'm more interested in creating software in a more agnostic fashion. Just using Linux as a daily driver since 2006 was not enough anymore. Nearly a second decade later I gathered skills in many fields of modern IT, which helped me achive this goal. I focused more on cross-platform application development, got in touch with the open source movement and even call myself a open source evangelist now. I still try to find a spot in open source where I can contribute.

If you'd like to get in touch, just drop me a line via email or find me on different platforms.

Contact Details

Pierre Goldenbogen
Unter dem Greut 7
71254 Ditzingen, Germany
+49 (0) 1516 14 50 910


Robert Bosch Schule, Zuffenhausen - Germany

Technical Collage 2000 - 2001

Achieved degree is Advance Technical Collage Certificate

Realschule in der Glemsaue, Ditzingen - Germany

Secondary School 1996 - 2000

Achieved degree is General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

Theodor-Heuglin-Schule, Hirschlanden-Schöckingen - Germany

Middle School 1994 - 1995

Been better than expected so I was able to switch to secondary school.

Theodor-Heuglin-Schule, Hirschlanden-Schöckingen - Germany

Elementary School 1990 - 1994

After 4th class you qualify to go to middle, secondary or high school.


Werner-Siemens-Schule, Stuttgart - Germany

Vocational training - School education 2001 - 2004

Achived degree is: Chamber of Industry and Commerce certified IT specialist in application development. (Theoretical part)

Pascal GmbH, Korntal-Münchingen - Germany

Vocational training - Occupational training 2001 - 2004

Achived degree is: Chamber of Industry and Commerce certified IT specialist in application development. (Practical part)


Keybird IT GmbH, Stuttgart - Germany

IT specialist 2017 - 2017

At Keybird I worked as a software developer with Java as the main language. As a starter, it was planned that I help out the current team which struggled to get the REST API of their project done in time. After that I should switch to another long term project which was in a very early planning phase. Unfortunately, the project setup changed and the REST API development got on hold in favour of other project-milestones. Keybird was not able to put me on another project, because most of them were still in the design-phase or already fully setup with developers and architects. Also, they had not enough resource to hold me until another opportunity to work would be found.

ITsoft GmbH. Erdmannhausen - Germany

IT specialist 2015 - 2017

My job at ITsoft GmbH contained several areas in the IT landscape. From providing first level support to the employees to planing and realizing complex network scenarios, writing software to control robots and even build complete devices based on custom-built hardware. For those tasks, a tight relation to the customers was a must and also being compliant with given specifications and industry standards.

SIEGLE + EPPLE GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart – Germany

IT specialist 2010 - 2014

At SIEGLE + EPPLE GmbH & Co. KG I worked in almost all areas of modern IT. This included support of staff locally and also remote at their PCs, mobile phones, and how the can use all the internal intranet services. Also, I had a strong focus on project management in hard - and software. In detail, this meant evaluation, planning, prototyping, implementation, testing and handover of projects.

KIT.edu, Karlsruhe – Germany

IT specialist 2010 - 2010

As an employee of the Profindis GmbH I was set-in at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the areas of first & second level support for Windows and Linux systems and also, as an IT specialist for consulting institutions on how they can effectivly optain their goals based on modern technologies.

T-Systems, Stuttgart-Leinfelden – Germany

IT specialist 2009 - 2009

T–Systems employees at the location Leinfelden had to be migrated to a newly set network topology. To be able to work in the team, it was necessary for me to have knowledge about Windows networks, domain controllers, DNS, DHCP services and hardware router / switches. The pre-planning of the internal IT of T–Systems was not optimal. Time and money went out of the bounds and so it was my job to help optimize all processes. After several optimization-steps we achieved a 53 % benefit in time and money and the project only extended the given time frame by 1.5 days and budget by 3.700 Euro.

Stuttgart Airport, Leinfelden-Echterdingen – Germany

IT specialist 2008 - 2009

The tasks at Stuttgart airport included an enormous number of activities, ranging from the simple installation of a terminal to the planning of complex rollouts. The solutions of various problems had to be implemented as accurately and quickly as possible.

Charax GmbH, Gerlingen – Germany

IT specialist 2007 - 2008

As an employee of Charax GmbH it was my job to maintain the servers for the internet services provided for customers and expand them based on customer needs. There were tasks like optimizing existing websites such as DHL.de and Zueblin.de. Furthermore, I developed interfaces for internet third-party services based on Delphi and common internet technologies. For example, I built an interface between Facebook and Second Life.

PGIT, Ditzingen – Germany

Managing Director 2005 - 2007

As the managing director of PGIT I have coordinated several employees. I consulted customers on how they can optimize internal processes and then created software based solutions to achive those optimizations. Clients included web radios, insurance agencies and architectural offices.

Common skills

  • Project management
  • Consulting
  • All-Level-Support
  • Rollouts
  • Software development
  • System administration

OS skills

  • Linux as a desktop
  • Linux as a server
  • Windows 2000 / ... / 10 as a desktop
  • Windows 2003 / ... / 2007 as a server

Services skills

  • Webservers
  • Database servers
  • Code repository management
  • Mail servers

Coding skills

  • SCM (git / mercurial)
  • QT 4.0 and higher
  • Java 6 and higher (SWING and JAVA FX)
  • FreePascal / Delphi 6 and higher
  • SQL , PL/SQL
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Python, Ruby


@ ITsoft GmbH

internal - German & English 2015 - 2017

I gave talks about SCM "done right", did employee training in common IT infrastructure concepts, Android applications and new software solutions to be used.


internal - German 2010 - 2014

Mostly employee trainings for Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 and typo3. Gave talks about Linux based service providing for the IT staff.

@ KIT.edu

internal & external - German & English 2010

Traing of employess in Sharepoint, Office 2007. Typo Light training to customers.

@ Stuttgart Airport

internal - German & English 2008 - 2009

Training of IT specialists in usage of different terminal systems with focus on support.

@ Pascal GmbH

external - German 2001 - 2004

Basic consulting of customers in mobile data handling and mobile billing systems.

Language skills

  • German
  • English


  • Whatever you throw on him, he deals with it. I wonder how he does this every time.

    Andreas Schramm
  • He is like a swiss army knife. A real multi-tool. In 85% he has an idea to solve an issue or already a solution.

    Joachim Reik
  • His attention to detail and clear, straightforward style to solve problems and achieve goals set, set's him apart from so many.

    Thomas Knodel

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